The time when people start getting themselves civilized from that particular moment, they realize the importance of security. In the initial stage, nothing is important for people rather than food grains. They spend most of their time in securing their fields and food grains. Later over time, people start using locks for securing doors and windows. Locks at that time are generally made up of wood and bamboo is the material mostly preferable. Soon with the invention of metal, the practice of making locks by using wood is discontinued. People start designing locks made up of metal and with this locksmith profession also came into existence.

Later with the passage of centuries over centuries locksmith pass on their knowledge to the upcoming generations and with this, fully furbished locksmith services get started. Today in this 21st century if you look back you can find a long journey of the locksmith profession. Acworth Locksmith is one of the oldest locksmith services available in this present century.