Any locksmith and particularly auto locksmith offer all kinds of services, which are related to locking, and security systems of vehicles and which are creating a predicament for you. These services include reproduction and replacement of those keys and locks, which have out of order or lost, extractions of keys from locks, which have busted, production of replica keys in the time of emergency and your requirements, repair of doors, and ignitions of automobiles and vehicles, transponder keys and their repair and so on. Locksmith Alexandria VA is also available 24 hours along the road who will show is less time with a lot of blank keys to cut and offer you duplicate key at the time of emergency and they also have the most recent tools and machines which are crucial for opening and getting access to locking and security systems of your automobiles and vehicles. If you find that the keys of your vehicle are missing then defiantly somebody has stolen them to get access to your vehicle in your absence.