Lock without a key is useless. The major problem regarding key oriented locks is, as they are fully metal made and to operate a lock special physical key is used. If you lost your key then you must be in trouble. In this era, many keys made near me by professional locksmith during an emergency.


Locksmith is available in a large number. In every metropolitan city, you can easily find a locksmith in between every five-mile radius. Various key-related services issued by locksmiths are key copying, lock opening with the use of the master key, key duplication without taking any help from the original key.

Key misplacing is the main problem faced by the locksmith. They consider it the wastage of the whole security system. To solve this problem modern locksmith comes up with the solution of keyless entry. In this system, locking unlocking is performed without using any physical key. It is a very convenient method used by locksmith.