The rating of the company shown on the internet plays the most important role. It gives a lot of ideas about the company’s performance in the current market. Simply said that the first thing to which the client directs his or her eye is rating. Now the question arises why is it so important? To make it clear let take an example of locksmith cleveland. They show four and a half star rating out of five stars, this means it is a reputable locksmith company. A customer enjoys their work and all feedback comes with a positive remark. This thing attracts more and more clients towards such locksmith and beneficial for both client and the locksmith company.

The online world is not so simple. The thing looks like there is not compulsory that it occurs like the same. There is also some negative impact. In the world of competition many people for their reason try hard to put down their opponents by reviewing bad comments and bad ratings on their websites. This leads to the conversion of positive remark to negative remark and loss to the good company.